Suwalskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych Sp. z o.o.
ul. Stanisława Staniszewskiego 65, 16-400 Suwałki
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 EU projects


Marshal's Office of Podlaskie Region - Managing Authority RPOWP

Suwalskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych Sp. z o. o. realized as part of the Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013 Podlaski, Measure 1.4 Support for business investment, Sub 1.4.2 Small and Medium Business project called "The implementation of modern technologies of extraction and processing of aggregates by SKSM".

The aim of the project is to make a fundamental change in production processes, which enable the introduction of improved market quality products. The project will be implemented in four new technologies for complex production of aggregates for construction and roads:

- Technological line for the production of construction aggregates,
- Technological line for the production of road and mechanical foundation,
- Mold the deposit process line from the water,
- Machinery and equipment for automation of control and monitoring of production processes.

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the State Budget under the Regional Operational Programme of Podlaskie Region for 2007-2013.

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